So what exactly is equipotential bonding, and why is it important?  Contact us today if you have any questions, but here’s a quick summary:

Equipotential bonding is a process undertaken by a qualified electrician to ‘earth’ any and all potentially dangerous conductive materials within the pool area. AS/NZS 3000 requires swimming pool electrical equipment and the associated wiring to conform to essential earthing requirements.

Essentially this process ensures that if a piece of electrical equipment fails, no dangerous electrical charges will be introduced into the wet areas of the pool zone. As a result, it is an absolutely essential aspect of a pool build, in terms of both safety and Australian Building Standards. Rest assured we work with licensed and capable electricians who will safety earth all necessary elements within your pool area, and let you swim with peace of mind.

What is involved in equipotential bonding?

Equipotential bonding is achieved by the connection of conductive materials to an earth conductor which is terminated to the earthing bar of the electrical switchboard, or where applicable, the earthing termination of a socket outlet for the pool equipment.

For more information on this process and what parts of your pool will require it, please follow the following link. This document was released by SPASA and Masters Electricians Australia to clarify what equipotential bonding entails for the homeowner.

Home-Owner’s Guide to Swimming Pool and Spa Equipotential Bonding



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