When you begin to specify the finishing materials for your pool, you don’t usually think of the glass fence spigots first!  But they are just as important as any other component and of course, by getting the fine details right you can be sure of a perfect look and feel.

So Contact us to today to start discussing your dream pool!

Frameless glass spigots come in two different shapes, round and square.

Round spigots offer a classic, timeless look and match other organic shapes in the residence or landscape.  Round spigots are best suited for landscapes and houses with a heritage look.  Square spigots are ideal for a modern look and complementing other clean, architectural lines in and around the pool. 

The next decision is the finish.  Do you want polished, brushed or matte black?  Again if often helps to consider the types of materials being used in and around the pool.  What steel is being used in the alfresco kitchen? Does your residence have windows or fascias in a contrasting contemporary black?  Selecting your spigots to tie in with other finishes helps bring an integrated look to your project.

A polished finish reflects the light and is the best choice for sea-side locations as the polished stainless steel will cope best with the salt laden air over time.  A brushed spigot offers a softer finish and shows the water drops less.  The newly available matte black spigots are modern, clean and a great contrast!.

We also offer insulating covers or composite spigots which are non-conductive so you do not have to worry about earthing your fence if it is within arm’s length of the pool’s water.

We will help you select your pool spigots as part of our stage one ‘Design and Council Approval’ process which includes a Selections Meeting in our office where we show you the options and help you select the best finish for your pool. 


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