When it comes to building your pool, there are many variables which can impact the duration of the process. We understand that you would like to move from signing the contract to diving into your pool as quickly as possible, so as you may expect, “how long does it take to plan and build a pool?” is one of our most frequently asked questions…


So, how long does it really take to build a pool?


Understanding the building process of a pool can be difficult to understand for anyone, so we are here to help step you through the process! During your own pool project, we will always keep you updated on the progress of your individual build but, before you start, we hope our post can also provide you with approximate scheduling based off our typical pool builds.


Like any building project, building a pool can be subject to change (especially in the age of COVID!). The complexity of your pool project, site requirements (heritage zones, hill face zones etc) and the workload of engineers, council staff and subcontractors all also impact your project timeline.


After signing your pool contract, there are a series of stages we undertake with careful consideration and planning before your pool is swim-ready. To allow you to schedule the timing of your next swimwear shop or pool party, we have provided a guideline of the usual timeline below.



We will always do our best to follow this timeline but ensuring the quality of your pool is one of our highest priorities and there may also be other factors that impact your project and site. To maintain our high standards, extra care or steps (and therefore time) may be required during your pool-build process.


As always, we are happy to answer your questions or provide any further information that may have not been covered in our post!

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