This is a question we get asked every day, and the answer is… longer than you think!

Around 6 months is a general guide, so if you want a pool for summer keep this in mind and make sure you start building early!

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Building a pool involves a lot of preparation, and certain phases of your build will take longer than you might expect.  Here’s a run down of the main steps and how long they typically take:


Engineering  2 – 4 weeks
Our engineers will do a soil bore log test on site and prepare the engineering report with all necessary calculations.

Council Approval  4 – 8 weeks
We will draw up your site plans, obtain the necessary insurances and levies and prepare other supporting documentation required for council building and planning approval, before submitting your application.

Excavation  1 day
Once your council has approved the project, we’ll get started! First comes pegging out the pool site, laying down protective boards if required, and installing safety fencing and warning signs. Then the excavation, followed by removal of excavated soil and cleaning up the site.

Steel Fixing  3 – 4 days
During this stage we install any formwork required, as well as reinforced steel as per the engineering plans, which we then have inspected and signed off by the engineer during an Engineering Site Inspection.

First Fix Plumb  Up to 2 days
This stage is when the initial plumbing is installed – pipework for the pool main drain, skimmer box, any jets, etc. Conduits and housing for the pool lights are also installed at this stage.

Concrete pour  1 day to pour + 21 days to cure
The most exciting stage! Your pool will take form as the floor, walls, and steps are sprayed. The concrete shell is finished by hand, before the site is cleared and your concrete shell is left to cure for 21 days.

Second Fix Plumb  Up to 2 days
Excavating trenches for pool pipework and laying these pipes comes next. These pipes provide water from pool, to equipment, and return to pool. If solar heating is being used, this is when pipes leading from the pool to the roof are installed.

Coping  2 – 3 days
We will deliver your coping (and paving, if applicable). Our landscapers will prepare the coping surface and lay the tiles, as well as installing your skimmer box cover.

Paving  1 day per 18sqm approx
Your paving will be laid, and must be left untouched for at least 48 hours afterwards to ensure they set perfectly.

Tiling  4 – 5 days, up to 2 weeks depending on size of pool
Our tilers will prepare and wash all surfaces before expertly fixing your pool tiles.

Fencing  Approx 2 days
We will install your chosen spigots and attach your glass fencing panels and gates. If your council requires an inspection of the pool area before water fill, we will organise this.

Equipment Installation  1 – 2 days
Over a couple of days we will install all your pumps, filters, chlorinator, controllers, and heating equipment. We’ll also finish installing your lights, skimmer box, main drain, suctions, and returns. If solar heating is involved, we will install solar absorbers on the roof, install the solar controller and pump, and connect your solar system to the pool at this stage.

Water Fill and Commissioning  24 hours to fill, let pool run for 3 – 4 days after chemical set up to ensure smooth running
Getting close! We wash your pool, install any final fittings, and start your water fill. Once the pool has been filled, we’ll return to vacuum it, test the water quality, apply initial chemicals and salts, and start up all your pool equipment.

Handover  1 day
After leaving your pool running for a few days, we’ll have one last meeting to make sure everything is running smoothly and walk you through using and maintaining your new pool system. Then you’re free to dive in!


Of course all of this varies depending on the build’s complexity, but if you read through these steps you’ll have a better understanding of the process of a pool build, which will help you plan ahead and make sure your pool is ready in time for those summer pool parties.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss a potential building schedule.


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