The first pool with an infinity edge dates all the way back to the 1960’s but now they are more popular than ever and they can take your pool design to the next level.  If you are considering an infinity edge pool, here are a few things to consider first.  Of course you can contact us and our team would be grateful to help you achieve your dream pool.

When to build one?

The view.  If your property sits up high and you have an amazing view, take full advantage of that and an infinity edge pool will beautifully roll off into the horizon with no obstructions.  Whether you are in the pool or relaxing poolside, the absence of a raised pool wall gives the illusion of the view and water reflection blending as one.

Infinity edge pools aren’t just for properties with a view though… The outer side of an infinity edge is also a waterfall and can be used as a striking feature in a backyard.  This suits properties where the land is stepped on multiple levels and the infinity edge faces the house.

How many sides can be an infinity edge?

As many as you please.  Infinity edges can be placed on multiple sides of the pool to create one long infinity experience.  If you have panoramic views then infinity edging on 3 sides is a great idea.  Check out this pool we built with infinity edges on all available sides!  A spa can also have infinity edges if raised out of the ground.

What kind of surface finish?

The most common finish is to continue the pool tiles over the infinity edge and down into the balance tank but that’s not the only option.  It can be rendered or finished with your favourite stone cladding to create a feature wall.  One thing to consider is to comply with Australian pool standards, the infinity wall must not be climbable so no little ones can get into the pool easily.

How are they designed?

We use certified hydraulic engineers to design your infinity balance tank to ensure it can handle large volumes of water.  Maybe 10 of your friends jump in the pool at once or a major storm event occurs.  The engineers will specify the correct tank and pipe sizing to handle the flow.

Faux infinity edges

If your project doesn’t allow for a full infinity edge, a faux infinity edge can still give you that open ended feel.  We will lower the pool wall slightly and finish the surface with pool tiles.  Check out this pool we built that has a faux infinity edge that opens the view up to the beautiful landscape!

Wet edges

A wet edge design brings the ultimate luxury feeling to your Urban Oasis.  The water level is flush with the landscape and peacefully flows over your coping into a hidden drainage channel.

If an infinity or wet edge is something you would love in your pool, contact us today.

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