Proven to alleviate aches and pain and soothe your skin, a MagnaPool system provides a magnesium and potassium chloride blend instead of your usual salt or chlorinated pool.  The environmentally friendly filtration system replaces your chlorinator and provides a crystal clear water that can assist in saving water and reducing energy consumption.

Whether you are looking to build a new pool or update an existing one, contact us if you’re interested in taking advantage of the amazing MagnaPool system!

Available for new or existing pools, the mineral blend minimises eye irritation and leaves the skin feeling soft with no residual chlorine smell or salt to rinse off.

The magnesium chloride found in MagnaPool minerals is derived from the ocean and is found to help relax your mind and body, relive stress and anxiety.  Studies have proven that absorbing magnesium chloride through the skin is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral.







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