A blanket should be a serious consideration when specifying your pool and spa equipment as you can save up to 80% of your heating, chemical and water costs with the right blanket! Some blankets will even heat your pool by up to 8 degrees for free using the energy from the sun.  Talk to us to find out how something that seems secondary can be so beneficial!

A pool blanket works by trapping the water inside your pool, drastically reducing evaporation, heat escaping and therefore running costs. Keeping debris out the pool is just a bonus! Most blankets have tiny air pockets which heat up from the sun and directly transfer this heat into the pool.

There are many different blankets options to suit all budgets and pools.

From the fully automated Remco SwimRoll system that can support up to 80kg to the latest 600 micron pool blanket or even a liquid blanket, Urban Oasis will help you find the best blanket solution for you.

If you think a pool blanket rolled up at the end of a pool is unsightly, there are solutions which hide the blanket completely when you are using the pool.

Check out the video below of the underground blanket box.

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