Built on the very edge of the lounge room and alfresco area, this pool demanded a high level of building prowess. By wrapping around the living space around the L-shaped pool views of the pool can be enjoyed throughout the residence. The floor to ceiling picture windows become the swimming pool’s water feature as cascading waterfall, which pours gracefully down the windows and back into the Paradise blue water.

The extraordinary depth of 2.5m for all areas of the pool except the beach and close proximity to the adjacent residence on three sides increased the technical complexity and engineering requirements of this pool.

However, life is now a breeze with the in-floor cleaning and filtration system which was designed to manage high volumes of water and keep maintenance to the minimum.

Gold | Innovative Pool | 2016 SPASA SA
Gold | Waterfeatures | 2016 SPASA SA

Liinke Group

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