The best way to heat your pool

Get the most out of your pool by extending the swimming season with the best pool and spa heating for you!


Save with pool blankets

There are different many options of blankets to suit all budgets and pools and you can save up to 80% of your heating, chemical and water costs. From the remco SwimRoll to the new 600 micron pool blanket, or even a liquid blanket, Urban Oasis will find a blanket solution that suits you.

Some blankets will even heat your pool by up to 8 degrees.


Options to heat your pool

The options for heating your pool include solar, gas, heat pump and electric heating. See the below table for a quick guide as to which system is likely to be best for you.

Of course, we will work through with you exactly which system would be best for you including ensuring all heating systems are sized appropriately.


Hide your blanket away when you are ready to play


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